Optimize Recycled Carbon Fiber and Create a Circular Economy Together

If you are looking for an approach to apply recycled carbon fiber for cost reduction or ESG policy in production: “SSheng Applied r-Materials” will be your best partner!

“Carbon fiber” is a high-priced, high-energy consumption and high-performance raw material. However, the recycled carbon fiber material is not only affordable but also eco-friendly. SSheng focuses on the exploitation of recycled carbon fiber applications, using the most efficient, high quality, non-polluting and low cost recycling technology to produce high performance products. Our goal is to carry forward recycled carbon fiber and to save costs in supply chains and production process.

Product Category

We are specialized in non-woven with carbon fiber. Whether it is a non-woven mat composed of 100% recycled carbon fiber or commingled with multiple thermoplastic fiber in different proportions, we can efficiently produce within the range of FAW 100~500gsm.

  • 100% virgin or recycled carbon fiber non-woven mats:
  • Commingling various of thermoplastic fiber with 100% recycled carbon fiber non-woven mats
Renewables Take Advantages

Nowadays, it is an imperative for the entire industry to save the environment. The ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) rating will be a reference how much an enterprise devotes to the sustainability. Therefore, many enterprises follow the pace with reducing carbon footprint and asking their suppliers to apply recycled products. In addition to increase the ESG rating, SSheng’s products also can create higher competitiveness, and exploit the high-value of "Renewables".