Recycled carbon fiber Non-woven

Carbon fiber has a wide range of applications across a variety of industries because of its exceptional characteristics on strength、modulus、stiffness、low CTE、corrosive resistance、lightweight、electrical conductivity…etc. However, the discontinuous state of recycled carbon fiber can’t be efficiently operated by VARTM、HP-RTM、Prepreg and compression molding process. For the reason, we decide to promote the recycled carbon fiber with non-woven mats.

  • 100% recycled carbon fiber non-woven mats:
  • Commingling various of thermoplastic fiber with 100% recycled carbon fiber non-woven mats

    PA => SSARCM ™CA(15~40%)-SD-100-1000
    PPS=> SSARCM ™CPS(15~40%)-SD-100-1000
    PEEK=> SSARCM ™CEK(15~40%)-SD-100-1000
  • 空值
  • Extensive & flexible range of thickness FAW 100~500
  • Roll to roll manufacturing process
  • Excellent compression molding performance
  • Multiple options of thermoplastics PA PPS and PEEK