Optimize Recycled Carbon Fiber and Create a Circular Economy Together

“Carbon fiber” with multiple high-performances has extensively applied to several of industries. The demand of carbon fiber market is expected to grow exponentially. The production quantity will exceed 100,000 tons by 2020 around the world.

However, the production of carbon fiber causes a lot of energy consumption. During each conversion and manufacturing process, 30% of the carbon fiber ends up as wastes, and the remaining 70% will end up as the life of the product ends. If we choose the existing approaches of wastes disposal —— incineration or landfill, we will definitely produce secondary carbon emission. Eventually, we will all face the vicious cycle of wastes disposal, resulting in the existential crisis of ecological destruction.

However, the recycled carbon fiber is energy-saving and affordable. When the recycled carbon fiber is recovered from waste, it requires less than 20% of the original energy. By recycling, we not only can help enterprises to reduce the cost of raw materials and disposal of waste but also increase the overall economic value and achieve sustainability.


SSHENG set up Taiwan′s first carbon fiber non-woven line. personnel health and safety and electrical equipment have been fully protected. Hope to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the environment.